3/8 ACRYLIC FACEMOUNT (3/16" Acrylic+3/16" Acrylic)


1/4 ACRYLIC FACEMOUNT (1/8" Acrylic+1/8" Acrylic)



Advanced Print Mounting Services


Consider having your images printed and mounted for a professional look that provides structure and longevity to your prints. We offer Acrylic FaceMounting and premium quality Dibond Mounting services. 


Acrylic Facemount


Our acrylic face mounting service provides an amazing finishing service to display your art images like never before. With a choice of archival printing on gloss or metallic papers, you can expect to see your images radiate a brilliance that no other printmaking process can offer. Colors become vibrant and intense. The effect is a wet look gloss finish. It is a truly unique experience to view an acrylic face mount image complimenting any visual theme.


Archival Print


Our process starts with an authentic archival print on carefully selected photographic media offering artistic integrity for the astute print buyer. We then premask the print with an optically clear mounting adhesive. We then laminate the print to the back side of an optically clear UV acrylic sheet. This is called a second surface mount. The acrylic is a high light transmission formula made from the finest grade acrylic in the industry. After mounting the image, the back of the print gets a second sheet of acrylic mounted to the back of the print creating an encapsulation of pure acrylic. All sides of the acrylic are machined and polished to a luster finish. The composite acrylic face mount then receives an anodized aluminum subframe to make hanging the art easy and visually offset from the wall for a museum presentation. No further finishing or framing is required — ready to hang.

You will find many options for print finishing. We can state with confidence that our acrylic face mounting is superior to the 'print on acrylic process' or 'metal print' dye sublimation process. We invite you to see our quality at our studio where you can experience the finished product for yourself. Consider our studio for your acrylic face mounts, canvas prints, or fine art prints.

Acrylic FaceMounting Options:

    Composite with Polished Edges: 3/16" Front Plate + 3/16" Back Plate (up to 60x96")


    Composite with Polished Edges: 1/8" Front Plate + 1/8" Back Plate (up to 60x96")


    Offset Mounting Bracket for back of FaceMount

Luxury Polished Edges


There are many possibilities today with acrylic edge finishing. We offer a machined and polished edge that is nothing short of marvelous. The process starts with a perfectly machined acrylic edge after mounting is completed. Next, we use a 4-step sanding/polishing procedure to bring the acrylic edges to high quality luster. The final step is a wet sanding and hand polishing to create a luxurious polished edge on all four sides. As a finishing touch, all surfaces receive an anti-static polish to protect the surface and give it a surreal look. This final polish adds a dust and fingerprint repellant to the surface. The edges both look and feel like a very high quality museum piece.

Museum Quality Dibond Mounting


Our Dibond Mounting service mounts our fine art printing media to a 3mm Aluminum Composite Material known as ACM. Our Dibond mounted archival print with a matte UV polymer film finish provides a rigid substrate offering longterm durability with a minimalism art aesthetic. The combination of light weight and superior strength makes it an ideal choice for both non-framing solutions and framed solutions. You can order an aluminum extruded bracket for the back of the ACM mount for an easy frameless hanging appearance. When ordered with our option extruded aluminum bracket, these prints need no further finishing as they are ready to hang work of art. We offer this solution as many image makers today wish to avoid the aesthetics of a top glazing of traditional glass or acrylic — it is ready to hang. The cost for ACM mounting is lower than acrylic face mounting. A subframe bracket is an optional cost, though included on our price list.

Everything we do is custom for our clients, enabling you to stand out from the crowd with your visual art projects.


Dibond Mounting Options



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