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Start with the Best Possible Film Scan...


Get the professional results your images deserve by having your film custom scanned by the film scanning experts at Visual Arts Imaging. If image quality matters to your photos, professional scanning will ensure outstanding results. Film scanning has evolved dramatically over the years. Today we offer a custom scanning solution for any size film format that has the following advanced features:


  • High Resolution Scanning Up To 6200 pixels per inch

  • Color Accurate Scanning with Advanced Profiling Workflows

  • Natural Film Grain Reproduction and Sharpness 

  • Optimal Tonal Range and Density

  • DNG, TIFF, and JPEG deliverables


In addition to these preservation grade features, all of our scans are 16-bit Native RBG or Grayscale files with outstanding clarity and accuracy. See your images digitized faithful to the original to ensure superior color fidelity and optimal tonal range for any image type; reversal, positive, negative, color, black-and-white, film or paper.


You will be impressed when you see your film grain accurately portrayed in the high resolution file when examined at 100% of size. The ability to enlarge film has never been better. Please consider our studio for your lab-grade scans that will satisfy your imaging needs completely. Our film scanning done locally in our Palm Springs studio, will ship nationally.


World-class High Resolution Film Scanning


In addition to tapping into our experienced pre-press experts, your film will be carefully cleaned and mounted for optimal image quality and reduced scanning artifacts, virtually eliminating post-scan clean up. You'll also enjoy a wide color gamut (wide gamut rgb) which delivers the full scan data while still maintaining an ICC-compliant workflow.


If you are ready to get your film professionally scanned, 

call our studio to discuss your needs 760.673.7950

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