Photographing Your Art — The Essential First Step In Art Reproduction

After photographing over 18,000 paintings, our expertise in art capture can only be matched by select museums. At the heart of our studio is an ultra high resolution, large format digital art capture system — considered by museums to be the finest technology for photographing rare and priceless artwork. The results are a stunning, preservation-grade digital image of your artwork, regardless of the size or complexity.


"The key to a great art capture of your artwork, is hiring a professional with years of experience in lighting, color matching, and photographing original artwork."


With perfect color, texture, sharpness, and detail faithful to your original artwork, you can confidently utilize your image captures across all media accurately. Plan now to preserve a lifetime of copyright value and repeatable revenue from your original art. Avoid the common pitfall of misrepresenting your art across various media with amateur photos.

Pitfall: "Photographing your art in one location, then expecting a matching print from another location. Will not work. Hire a studio to do both, if color accuracy is important to your art."


So our studio has all the fancy digital imaging gear you'd expect. Many studios offer art capture services. But if you don't like what you see, does it matter what equipment is used? Be cautious of anyone emphasizing equipment over experience in visual arts services, it is the reason there are so many compromised images of art detracting buyers from connecting with an artist.


Getting it right takes time, effort, and skill — it's how we earned our global reputation among the most demanding visual arts clients in the world. Your original art likely deserves this level of attention to details. Preserve your copyright and get your art captured to provide years of durable use now and well into the future.



It's All About The Details

Most paintings have structure and depth to the paint surface. If not lit and digitized properly, there is little chance the image will resemble the original artwork — brush strokes, nuances, and all. In fact, most artwork reproductions are flat and lifeless because they are difficult to light properly and get colors right — but not our reproductions. Does your art deserve to have its color faithfully represented across all media? Then it's time to get your art to Visual Arts Imaging for a professional art capture and ensure the world sees your art as you painted it everywhere.


If you are ready to get your art captured professionally, call our studio to discuss your needs 800.419.4442.


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