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Photographing Your Art — The Essential First Step In Art Reproduction


After photographing over 18,000 paintings, our expertise in art capture can only be matched by select museums. At the heart of our studio is an ultra high resolution, large format digital art capture system — considered by museums to be the finest technology for photographing rare and priceless artwork. The results are a stunning, preservation-grade digital image of your artwork, regardless of the size or complexity.

"The key to excellence in capturing artwork, is hiring a professional with years of experience in lighting, color matching, and digitizing original artwork."

What Makes Our Advanced Art Capture Process Different?


High Quality LED Lighting

Instead of general purpose studio lighting, we invested in specialized lighting optimized for fine art capture and reproduction. We use high CRI indexed lights, which are also cross polarized to eliminate unwanted glare and specular highlight defects. These advanced LED lights emit no harmful UV radiation to the artwork. They meet museum standards for digitizing flat art.


Skillful Artwork Illumination

It’s not easy getting light uniformity when illuminating flat artwork for digital capture. In fact, in order to capture the dimensionality of original art, it is essential to properly interpret the surface unique to each medium, which may conflict with even illumination objectives. To address this common issue in the studio, we employ a light fall-off mitigation algorithm which precisely corrects light uniformity, all while maintaining desirable interpretive lighting techniques appropriate for the medium. This results in a preservation-grade digital image capture while bringing to life the subtleties of the artwork’s surface details or brushstrokes.


Advanced Color Reproduction

It is important to know that digital cameras simply were not built to photograph artwork colors accurately. In order to compensate for this we employ a scientific color measuring instrument called a Spectrophotometer. This color instrument enables us to accurately correct the color of original art and compensate for the color deficiencies of camera imaging sensors. This ensures your digital image faithfully represents your artwork accurately across all intended uses.


Expert Geometric Alignment

Pointing a camera at flat art is fraught with technical challenges. Ignore them at your digital image’s peril. Getting the camera perpendicular to the flat art surface is not a trivial issue. To address this challenge, we employ a series of optical-grade mirrors and lasers to align the artwork surface to the camera within 20 arc seconds providing perfect geometry. This level of ingenuity eliminates optical defects commonly associated with digitally capturing flat artwork. Common alignment issues corrected include image squareness, distortion, even focus, and optical clarity. All essential elements of preservation grade capture of flat art.


Ultra High Resolution Imaging

Today we are employing the highest resolution imaging sensors and lenses in the industry. Our ultra high resolution art capture system will ensure you can faithfully utilize your art image now and in the future, without compromising color, sharpness, or ability to scale your art image up or down when going to print. We can capture more data, providing more detail and offer more accuracy than any other digitizing method, eliminating the need to re-capture your art in the future. High resolution art capture files ensure you will not be subjected to interpolated data techniques commonly employed by many compromising methods which degrade the quality of your art image. We deliver native art capture images with 200 to 300 ppi resolutions at full size.



It's About Skill and Craftsmanship


Most paintings have structure and depth to the paint surface. If not lit and digitized properly, there is little chance the image will resemble the original artwork brush strokes, nuances, and all. In fact, most artwork reproductions are flat and lifeless because they are difficult to light properly and get colors right, but not our reproductions. Does your art deserve to have its color faithfully represented across all media? Then it's time to get your art to Visual Arts Imaging for a professional art capture and ensure the world sees your art as you painted it everywhere.


What is included in our art capture imaging fee?

  1. A high resolution 16-bit RGB master file

  2. A high quality JPEG image for screen use

  3. A color matched proof for studio reference

  4. Upload master file to a secure cloud file storage service



With perfect color, texture, sharpness, and detail faithful to your original artwork, you can confidently utilize your image captures across all media accurately. Plan now to preserve a lifetime of copyright value and repeatable revenue from your original art. Avoid the common pitfall of misrepresenting your art across various media with amateur photos.



Pitfall: "Photographing your art in one location and expecting a matching print from another location — you'll get disappointing results. Hire a studio to do both, if color accuracy is important to your artwork."



Getting it right takes time, effort, and skill, it's how we earned our global reputation among the most demanding visual arts clients in the world. Your original art likely deserves this level of attention to details. Preserve your copyright and get your art captured to provide years of durable use now and well into the future.


If you are ready to get your art captured professionally, call our studio to discuss your needs 760.673.7950

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