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Gary Kerr, Visual Arts Imaging

Gary Kerr, Founder, Visual Arts Imaging

A Heritage in Technology and Visual Arts

Visual Arts Imaging is a global leader in visual arts services with a flagship production facility headquartered in Palm Springs, California. The founder, Gary Kerr, has a lifetime of achievement in advanced art imaging technologies and has provided visual arts services to artists and organizations in 17 countries. He is a Large Format Photographer, Master Printmaker, Author, Lecturer, Artist Advisor, Pilot and native of Boston.


Like you, he has a deep appreciation of the arts and a great interest in creative talent. A technical wizard in the art imaging business, Thomas brings a vast knowledge and insight to art publishing, art collecting, and the global art marketplace. Before founding  Visual Arts Imaging, he was a strategic technical adviser to corporate clients such as Standard & Poor’s, McGraw-Hill, American Express, and Merrill Lynch where he was known for his extensive expertise in strategic technology integration.


Visual Arts Imaging offers superior visual arts services to the fine art trade worldwide with locations in Palm Springs, Montréal, Moscow, Prague, Sydney, Brisbane, and Hong Kong, we are a network of highly skilled art imaging experts with advanced art imaging capabilities that are well above industry standards.


We invite you to start a conversation about your art services needs with us today, call or text 760.673.7950

We've Captured Over 20,000 Original Works of Art


Just some of the impressive high value artwork entrusted to our care:


  • Banksy

  • Basquiat

  • Friberg

  • Gauguin

  • Haring

  • Lichtenstein

  • Matisse

  • Modigliani

  • Monet

  • Picasso

  • Renoir

  • Rothko 

  • Sully

  • Turner

  • Van Gogh

  • Vouet

  • Warhol

  • Wieghorst

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