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Transform Your Art Prints into Ready to Hang Artwork


As a visual artist, the substrate upon which you present your work is just as crucial as the vision captured within your viewfinder. The medium you choose to showcase your photographs can significantly enhance the depth, emotion, and narrative of your artistic vision. In this regard, the quality of the paper and the choice of mount play pivotal roles in illuminating the intricate details and emotional resonance of your photographs. 


Enter Dibond mounting, a revolutionary solution tailored for artists who demand both aesthetic finesse and practical durability in their exhibitions. Dibond has quickly become a staple in the visual arts world, synonymous with modern excellence. This mounting technique features a robust yet lightweight composite panel, sandwiched between two sleek aluminum plates. By opting for Dibond, you can marry one of our archival Fine Art papers or canvas with a mount that preserves the appearance, and color vibrancy, all while ensuring your artwork remains rigid and enduring.


The Dibond mount stands out for its ability to maintain the integrity of your image without compromising on ease of display. It's a choice increasingly favored by photography professionals for its seamless blend of rigidity and lightness, facilitating effortless exhibition across a variety of indoor environments.


Complementing the Dibond mount is the possibility of a floater frame, a modern yet understated option that elevates the presentation of your work. A floater frame not only adds a sophisticated finish but also creates a captivating visual effect, making your art image appear as if it's levitating within the frame. This method allows your art the space to breathe, unconfined by the edges of the mount, thus enhancing its visual impact.


For those interested in exploring the possibilities of Dibond and StretchBox™ Canvas mounting we invite you to our studio to discover first-hand just how impressive our process delivers. We are happy to discuss your project needs regardless of complexity or scale.


Archival Cold Mounting $12 - $16 / SqFt


  • Dibond (ACM)

  • Resilient Board (Foam board)

  • Gatorboard (Foam board)


UV polymer laminate finish — No Glass Required (optional by quote)


  • UV Matte/Luster 

  • UV Gloss 


Hanging Hardware (optional by quote)


  • Hanging cleats

  • Subframes

  • Z-Bar

Framing/Finishing (optional by quote)


  • Floater frame

  • Shadow box frame

  • Classic frame


Custom substrates available on request.

Call 760.673.7950 to discuss your project,

regardless of complexity or need.

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