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Ship Your Art Worry-Free

If you plan to ship your original to us, a wise decision, we recommend buying a Masterpak or AirFloat art shipping box. These shipping containers are engineered to protect your art while in transit both ways. You can use these boxes over and over again, so don't let the initial cost dissuade you. Your artwork will be handled professionally with skill and care and be returned to you in your original shipping container. As a reminder, ship art unframed without glass or matting, however, leave canvas art on stretch bars—unless shipping internationally. Protect artwork on paper by sealing between two substrates such as foam core prior to packing. Mark the outside of your package with "NON-CONVEYABLE" to ensure proper handling and avoidance of automated handling equipment. Institutional clients, please consider using FedEx's White Glove Service for high-value art (we'd love to see our next client break our previous record of having an $3,000,000 original reproduced at Visual Arts Imaging; will it be you?).


Why Ship Your Art To Visual Arts Imaging?

Assuming you are not within driving distance of our studio, there is one critical fact anyone wishing to replicate art should know; art cannot be photographed in one location, then printed in another expecting colors to match. Shipping your art to our studio enables us to capture and color match it accurately, while in studio. Our perfect color match process ensures you are completely satisfied with the results. Avoid the drama of excuses as to why it doesn't match when trying to replicate your art any other way. Don't let the world see your art misrepresented by inaccurate color.


Vendors To Consider:



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